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In late 2012, Kaitlyn broke her fibula during a training session, which caused them to miss both the national championships and Four Continents.Through dedication to her rehabilitation, Kaitlyn returned to the ice and the team finished fifth at the 2013 World Championships.The Canadian team came back strong to finish 5th at the World Championships in their home country. When we set out our plan at the beginning of the season we didn’t imagine all the little bumps on the way. If I want to make it back, I have to do this very diligently.But I think it made us a better team throughout the whole year, because we’ve gone through all this in such a short time and it prepared us for the future. Usually our season is filled with a lot of lessons. They said, you’ll be on the ice but you won’t be any good. And so half time almost made it more important in the fact that every moment was very efficient, very scheduled. She gave me a schedule from morning to night every single day. Obviously I lost all my muscle from my hip all the way down.It made me feel so good and helped me stay motivated and know that there are people behind us all the way no matter what the outcome.“No ice dance team in the world brings more life experience to their performances than the Canadian duo of Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje, which is evident in the sense of joy and nuance with which they skate.My boot hit the ice and slid feet first into the boards and when I hit …. I knew when she got on the ice her leg wouldn’t be as strong as it was. I was back in Detroit skating every day, ensuring that I improved as much as I could and kept the momentum going so that when she gets on the ice we just can be together as quick as possible. Kaitlyn: So it was very weird to be apart from him and also from our group and from Pasquale (Camerlengo, coach).So Pasquale made me promise I’d send them a picture every single day of my progress, of what I was doing and so now we have like 50, 60 pictures of showing every day and how much I got better. That at least helped us to stay a little bit more up to date. We went to Canadian Nationals in January, because it was in Mississauga, which is very close to Toronto. We went to do some media stuff, but that support from the Canadian audience was incredible.

They’re not usually a team that I particularly adore but they bring it in the CD.That’s something I think we really appreciated as an experience. And then when the doctor told me I broke my fibula and it was displaced and I was likely to have surgery, it was so shocking. Not so much for the season, but just not being able to skate. We had to start to think positive, thinking of all the things I could do to make it better and to make it faster. I think that’s half the reason why we were able to do it, because we had such strong determination. And so I’d say training-wise had two and a half weeks of attempted run-throughs.Kaitlyn: We were warming up just as any normal morning and we were doing back cross-overs in a circle and I slipped somehow. Andrew tried to hold me, but our gloves came off, that’s how much power we have. Andrew: While she was doing her recovery job I was just trying to ensure that I’d be in the best shape possible to help her when she got on to the ice.In January 2008, they relocated to Toronto to train under Shae-Lynn Bourne, the 2003 World Champion.The following year, they shifted their training base to the Detroit Skating Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan to receive additional coaching from Pasquale Camerlengo and Anjelika Krylova where they continue to train today.After narrowly missing the chance to compete at the 2010 Olympics, they represented Canada at the 2014 Olympic Games where they finished seventh. With their Olympic bronze medal, it seemed as if Ilinykh & Katsalapov were going to be at the top of the world and if they stayed long enough and improved enough to fend off their competitors, they could be Olympic champions. According to this article, Elena and Nikita are ending their partnership after the World Championships in Saitama this year. In any case, I decided to post this video of their 2010 FD when people started buzzing about them and how they were going to be the next big thing in ice dance.SENIOR DANCE 2016 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships – 1 2015 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships – 1 2014 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships – 2 2013 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships – (WDN) 2012 Canadian National Skating Championships – 2 2011 Canadian National Skating Championships – 2 2010 Canadian National Skating Championships – 3 2009 Canadian National Skating Championships – 3 2008 Canadian National Skating Championships – 2 2007 Canadian National Skating Championships – 3SENIOR DANCE 2016 Team Challenge Cup – 1 (team) 2016 ISU World Figure Skating Championships – 5 2016 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships – 3 2015 ISU Grand Prix Final – 1 2015 Rostelecom Cup – 1 2015 Skate Canada International – 1 2015 Finlandia Trophy – 1 2015 ISU World Team Trophy – 4 (team) 2015 ISU World Figure Skating Championships – 3 2015 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships – 1 2014 GP Final – 1 2014 NHK Trophy – 1 2014 Skate Canada International – 1 2014 Nebelhorn Trophy – 1 2014 Olympic Winter Games – 7 2014 ISU World Championships – 2 2013 GP Final – 5 2013 U. International Classic – 2 2013 Rostelecom Cup – 2 2013 Skate Canada International – 2 2013 ISU World Team Trophy – 2 2013 ISU World Championships – 5 2012 Nepela Trophy (Bratislava) – 1 2012 Cup of China – 3 2012 Skate America – 3 2012 ISU World Championships – 4 2012 ISU Four Continents Championships – 3 2011 ISU Grand Prix Final – 4 2011 NHK Trophy – 2 2011 Rostelecom Cup – 2 2011 Skate Canada International – 2 2011 ISU Four Continents – 4 2011 ISU World Championships Moscow – 5 2010 ISU Final – 5 2010 Skate America – 4 2010 NHK Trophy – 2 2010 Four Continents – 1 2009 Cup of China – 6 2009 Home Sense Skate Canada International – 3 2009 ISU Four Continents – 5 2008 Cup of China – 6 2008 NHK Trohpy – 7 2008 Worlds Göteborg, Sweden – 17 2008 Four Continents Goyang, Korea – 5 2007 SGP – Eric Bompard – 7 2007 SGP – Home Sense Skate Canada Int’l – 6 2007 Worlds – Tokyo, Japan – 20 JUNIOR DANCE 2007 Junior Worlds – 3 2006 JGP – Liberec – 3 2006 JGP – Taipei City – 3 Date of Birth: April 12, 1989, Houston, TX, USA Hometown: Toronto, ON Training Location: Detroit, MI, USA Height: 5’6″ Club: Sault FSC Instagram: instagram.com/ka2sh/?Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje had a rough season with being sidelined by injury from December until Worlds. I have to do this rehab anyway, regardless of what competition we make it back for.“Obviously I had a very terrible long program and I didn’t place very well and I got a low score,” Gracie said after her long program.“It’s just something about this year, I’ve been in a funk.


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