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Bluedating application

Eh oui même les plateformes mobiles suivent l’ère du temps !

On remarque de ce fait, qu’il y a de plus en plus d’applications de rencontres gay, lesbienne ou bi qui se développent.

There is also an implementation of wireless dating called Serendipity being pioneered by MIT's Media Lab in Cambridge, Mass.

(Reported in New Scientist Magazine 20 March 2004.).

So which mobile social networking apps are (or will be) the most popular? If you had to pick a top 5 list of social networking functions for your phone, what would they be?

I think Open Social API's will end up dominating, but for the time being I'd like to see Friend Feed become popular.

However, when a piconet is formed between two or more devices, one device takes the role of the 'master', and all other devices assume a 'slave' role for synchronization reasons.

Piconets have a 7 member address space (3 bits, with zero reserved for broadcast), which limits the maximum size of a piconet to 8 devices, i.e. A scatternet is a number of interconnected piconets that supports communication between more than 8 devices.

However, there is a growing body of research being conducted with the goal of developing algorithms to efficiently form scatternets.

However, the basic Bluetooth protocol does not support this relaying - the host software of each device would need to manage it.

Using this approach, it is possible to join together numerous piconets into a large scatternet, and to expand the physical size of the network beyond Bluetooth's limited range.

Petit à petit, comme on le dit, l’oiseau fait son nid, et l’application s’est développée dans plus de 192 pays.

Aujourd’hui, sont inscrits plus de 4 millions d’hommes qui discutent entre eux et se rencontrent en vrai si le feeling passe, bien sûr.


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