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"It's a brilliant thing on the internet, like an accent version of Google Earth, where you can type in any city and listen to different voices. "I'd done an American accent on stage before in The Graduate, but it's one thing to do it in front of a British audience and quite another to do it in front of 15 NBC executives." Of the inevitable comparisons with Ally Mc Beal, Wakefield said: "I've thought about it but the task is mammoth enough without worrying about that.

"I'm not shying away from the fact it's a lead role, but it's very much an ensemble piece, whereas the earlier show was very much about Ally.

That item, of course, would have set off her beautiful turquoise eyes, although the striking 34-year-old doesn’t really need adornment of any kind.

No wonder director Peter Kosminsky thought to cast her as Mary, ‘the other Boleyn girl’, alongside Claire Foy, who’s playing her younger sister, the doomed Anne in the aforementioned drama – BBC Two’s six-part adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s Man Booker Prize-winning novels Wolf Hall and its sequel Bring Up The Bodies.

Polly Tommey, who believes that the MMR vaccine caused her son’s autism, founded the US and UK branches of the Autism Trust and produced a highly controversial film directed by Mr Wakefield alleging a link between vaccines and the condition.

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"To be on the Warner Bros lot in this incredible LA sunshine felt like a completely different world." The actress from Battle, East Sussex, mastered the accent by consulting the International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA) online.Charity Wakefield is early for our morning interview at London’s trendy Shoreditch House – a media and showbiz club that boasts a roster of famous members, the actress herself included.She’s making the most of it, ensconced in a squishy leather chair in the lounge – a pot of tea to the right of her, a freshly made lemonade to the left.Described by Mantel and various historians as the more beautiful of the two girls – and the more sexually experienced – Mary was bedded by monarchs on both sides of the channel: first the king of France and later, before Anne married him, Henry VIII.‘You could say that she did all the legwork for Anne – quite literally,’ Charity winces.‘And because she was quite vivacious and sexy herself, she also gave her sister lessons in how to be good in the royal bed when she finally got there.The stunning Megan is not only a fab actress but she dresses pretty fabulously too..check out her dress here!The star appeared on The Today Show wearing a sultry red dress by Jill Jill Stuart.A friend said A source told the Evening Standard: 'The flight was booked last week but he was a no-show.The crew for the British Airways flight knew the Prince was booked to travel with them.Anne was called the Great Whore by people who didn’t like her.But Claire and I talked about it and researched it and we’re pretty sure that, actually, she was a virgin until Henry and that was all part of her determination to become the queen.‘As a virgin in those days you were far more prized – just as you are in some societies even now.


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