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Dating a girl out of pity

So what happens when you meet your match, and instead of sharing nights out and post-coital bliss, your happily-ever-after becomes happily-never-after?

Why do people feel trapped and troubled in their own relationships?

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So if you expect love to come naturally you should also expect it to fade naturally. Yes people obviously stay even when the "being in love" mental state fades.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Family / Would You Marry A Girl You Don't Love Out Of Pity After Dating Her For 10 Years? Furthermore his family like the girl so they sort of kept forcing the guy not to break up the relation. i have a cousin who was a true born player, he had this gal that he dated for 4years, he constantly told the girl that he wouldnt marry her, we all loved this gal, but he didnt love her that much and kept telling her. Guess what, the moment he found a gal he loved and later married, he started dating the gal openly!!! at the beginning of his new relationship, he was still chopping as long as the other babe drop. if she decided that it was ok to stay in this r/ship, knowing fully well that it was NOT marriage bound, then she has only herself to blame in this story. (7030 Views) If You Didn't Play With These Dolls As A Girl,you Are N't Ripe For [email protected] / My Wife Is Dating Her Boss. He feels trapped and has again told the girl the marriage thing won't work but she does not want to reason with him. in this time and age, stick to a guy for 10 years?? 10 years relationship, what is that, can't imagine it, did they start while they were still toddlers, lol? But after a while he stopped and moved on with his the new gal. MRbrown JAY:i am sorry to say that it's HER life, HER choices and therefore i would have no say in the matter because SHE is the only one that will live that life (thats if i had a sista of course)people should live with the consequences of their actions. I'm just wondering, is it possible that someone stays with you out of pity and not love?or someone is just going through the motions of the relationship and is just staying with you...until they find someone better?There are many reasons to feel troubled in a relationship.Some are innocent and a part of human nature, while some are harmful to one’s wellbeing.If one person expresses interest in another date, the answer is yes!If the chemistry was lacking and there was no follow-up on either part, then it’s ok to go your separate ways in silence.What I find greater then being in love is being in a "willing to work it out" state of mind.This mind set entices people to make conciencious efforts to respect and care for the other person.


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