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If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome America's newest protest singer -- Mick Collins!In the ten-plus years since their conception, a host of Detroit rock musicians have been members of the Dirtbombs both in the studio and on the road.As of September 2008 the band's lineup consists of Collins on guitar, (formerly of Ko & The Knockouts) on a distorted “fuzz” guitar, Zachary Weedon (of Lee Marvin Computer Arm and the Readies) on bass, and Ben Blackwell (owner of record label Cass Records) and Pat Pantano (formerly of the Come Ons) on the two drum sets.But if the Dirtbombs fear for our future, they sound determined to go out with a bang -- We Have You Surrounded is tighter and more focused than 2003's Dangerous Magical Noise without sacrificing the frantic energy that's always been at their core, and Troy Gregory and Ko Melina sound better integrated into the Dirtbombs lineup than they did on the split-LP Billiards at Nine Thirty as this band rages against the dying of the light.Maybe Mick Collins can't save the world, but he's got plenty of worthwhile things to say on this album, and his global angst beats Bono's for sheer entertainment value any day of the week.Marshall was discovered opening for Liz Phair in 1994 by Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth and Tim Foljahn of Two Dollar Guitar, with whom she recorded her first two albums, Dear Sir (1995) and Myra Lee (1996), on the same day in 1994.

Hearing this, the first question you might have is how can the thundering and raw lineup of two drummers, two bassists, and Collins' scorching guitar do justice to, say, “Strings of Life? The band pretty much plays the hell out of everything as usual and it works like a charm.OK, that's going a bit far to make a point, but Collins does seem to have more serious matters on his mind than usual on the fourth album from the Dirtbombs, We Have You Surrounded.Fans looking for more of the Dirtbombs' patented R&B-seasoned garage punk assault still get what they came for with tunes like "Ever Lovin' Man" and "I Hear the Sirens," and those fascinated by the band's way with a cover will want to cue up their re-imaginings of Sparks' "Sherlock Holmes" and Dead Moon's "Fire in the Western World." But there's a decidedly apocalyptic undercurrent to this collection of songs -- technology turns its back on us all in "Wreck My Flow," the environment is at the point of collapse on "Fire in the Western World," greed and vanity turn dangerous in "Pretty Princess Day," survivors struggle through the wreckage of our society in "Leopardman at C&A" (written by Collins and famed comics scribe Alan Moore) and the whole saga reaches its logical conclusion en français on the closing number, "La Fin du Monde." Even the album's free-noise freak-out "Race to the Bottom" seems filled with an unspoken anxiety.Collins wasn’t looking to top anything, though, just honor the innovators and the city that spawned them, and Party Store does it with scuzzy style.It’s easy to guess that most of the guys paid tribute to here wouldn’t know what to make of the tracks, but if anything here leads the average garage rock-loving Dirtbombs fan back to the sounds of Detroit techno, the album will have done its job.played bass from 1997 until 2004 and during that time Diamond also recorded and co-produced the Dirtbombs output with Mick Collins at his Ghetto Recorders studio in Detroit.Troy Gregory (formerly of Flotsam and Jetsam, Prong, and lead singer of The Witches and Troy Gregory & The Stepsisters) played bass from June 2004 to September 5, 2008, also constituting one of the longest runs of any Dirtbombs member: the four-year line-up of Collins, Pantano, Blackwell, Melina, and Gregory is the longest lasting Dirtbombs line-up to date.In the first minute of Johnny Knoxville's "Detroit Lives" documentary, viewers can surmise that it will be the antithesis of Chris Hansen's controversial "Dateline" special on Detroit that aired earlier this year.After a teaser of the documentary surfaced on Palladium Boots' website a few weeks back, you can now watch the full, 30-minute project live.The Dirtbombs are an American garage rock band based in metro Detroit, Michigan, notable for blending diverse influences such as punk rock and soul while featuring a dual bass guitar, dual drum and guitar lineup.The Dirtbombs were formed by Mick Collins (of the influential garage punk band The Gories) as a side project and started recording songs by 1995.


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