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Dating on and off again

If you don’t value your friends’ opinions, you should not only consider getting some new friends, but try to view the situation from a completely neutral outsider’s perspective and examine the cold, hard facts. Also, remember the more times you’ve renewed the relationship in question, the more dubious those around you will be — and for good reason! Eliminate the Comfort Factor Comfort can be kryptonite when it comes to on-and-off relationships.Many of us have stayed in or returned to toxic relationships simply because they are familiar and preferable to being alone.The partners in on and off relationships find it easier to abort the conflict by calling it quits and then, skirting the relationship issues altogether when they get back together.This merely involves postponing the confrontation with their relationship problems to a hypothetical ‘never’ by dissolving their bond but which pops up for its merited resolution as soon as they renew their relationship.It is as if they’re locked in what I call “.” Instead of responding to each email question (which frankly I can’t, because of the number of email questions I receive daily) I thought it might help to write a small post instead.It’s always best to walk away from an unhealthy relationship especially if it involves abuse, control, manipulation, entrapment and codependency issues – which in most on/off relationship is the case. We’ve all been there, seen our friends there, or watched celebrity couples like Katy Perry and John Mayer tumble down that rocky road.Luckily, most of us don’t have to cross our fingers that our on-again relationships last as long as the weekly tabloid stories about them, but I’m willing to bet more than a few of you could benefit from advice about when to recognize a relationship isn’t worth revisiting.

Then go through and cross off any that don’t relate to the person’s character, core values, compatibility, and how the situation has changed since last time.

If you asked or looked closely enough, you’ll find “we stuck together through it all” love stories everywhere.

So before you go looking for something better (that you may never find), make sure you’ve tried all you can to make the relationship you already have better: 1.

Firstly, we met pretty young, he was 20 and I was 21.

Secondly, since it was his first relationship he felt an uncertainty towards me and felt that maybe he needed more experience before deciding on "the one".


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