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Dating waterford crystal

In fact, our company promotes more than 540 different patterns ??

including both active and discontinued Waterford crystal.

Skilled crystal workers were not available in Ireland so continental Europeans were used.

Aided by fellow countryman and designer Miroslav Havel, the company started operations in a depressed Ireland.

Interestingly, Gatchell was a clerk only 11 years previously but received the departing Hill’s process for glass compounding due to their friendship which drastically accelerated his standing within the organisation.

Christmas is a special time, a family time, when traditions are important and one tradition many of us share is decorating a Christmas Tree.

Waterford Crystal Christmas decorations are sure to be the family favourites for years to come.

In January 2009 its Waterford base was closed down due to the bankruptcy of the Wedgwood Group.

After several difficulties and takeovers, it re-emerged later that year.


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