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I only belonged for one month and during that month a lot of men contacted me with the pre-written one liner (tacky if you ask me) and when I wrote them back, using my own words I didn't hear back from anyone.I have tried other dating sites as well and there you actually write a human being.After checking my VISA statement, I noticed that they had charged me over 0 for a monthly membership fee that I had not authorized.I have contacted my bank and they have cancelled that VISA card.This seems to be a computer that doesn't have the ability to write more than once.I think it would be interesting to find out if anyone has ever been in touch with a real person on this site. I bought an information product from this company and did not sign up to become a member.

Our company is a major participant in the international trade of commodities with emerging economies.I have contacted my bank and they have cancelled that VISA card. I am not a dumb blonde, but should of, could of, would of….. These websites above usully share the Ip adresses between each other or website template/theme or they are associated with Tai Lopez as their owner. Beware to anybody who has any dealings with Elite Global Dating. Check into this, I hope these guys get what is coming to them. Since then, we have continued to build an impressive client portfolio with our extensive industry knowledge and operational expertise.ELITE is unique and flexible in its Service delivery approach, which enable client to continue to focus solely on their core business processes while turning outsourcing/offshoring to a significant value-adding activity.Beware to anybody who has any dealings with Elite Global Dating.A payment of .80 was taken out of my account by this company unbeknown to me.The clientele of the company are active in a variety of diverse fields.They include, the oil and gas industries, construction related industries, industrial units, traders, and distributors.Notice: Undefined index: random_ads_start_direction in /home/u384102147/public_html/wp-content/plugins/ad-injection/on line 1087 If you read my last article you’ve heared a litlle bit about this, if not i suggest to read article about Tai Lopezs history.First complains about Tai Lopez scam or Elite Global Dating scam started in 2008 when he bought them.


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