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Fatal error validating license for codegear speed dating definition

The uninstaller did not appear in my program list, and would did not launch from the installation folder. Future attempts to bring up the installer had it in a state where it thought Delphi 2009 was already installed and it wouldn't correct or repair or uninstall it. After four hours had passed, I decided to call that support number again.The support representative that answered this time was much more helpful.Of course, when I say “we”, I refer to our IT manager. Each time we would run the registration wizard, we would go through all of the steps to register Delphi and it would report that it was successfully registered.I’m just along for the ride and to make witty comments when it breaks. Just what I wanted to see first thing on a Monday morning. After closing the wizard, we would get the same error message again. I ran the registration wizard one more time and selected register by phone and called the number for US support.(It brought up a findfile dialog asking for a that didn't exist on my machine). ROOT for anything that contains "Code Gear\RAD Studio.0" - assuming you installed into the default folder. Clean up Windows Installer using the Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup utility. At this point, both the repair and uninstall worked.

Emma Batley: /etc now Sanjay kumar: Please open Hosts file and let me know. Sanjay kumar: May I know do you have the Creative Cloud Desktop Application installed in the computer? Please launch the Creative Cloud Desktop Application .

The machine you are looking at is configured to listen only on an explicit set of IP addresses.

This configuration would override the default configuration to listen to all IP addresses.

We would get errors like The license manager reported the following error: License storage c:\documents and settings\millerc\.borland\does not apply to current user or host machine. I tried a few more times after completing the call and found out that you could only register 10 times, after that your registration code has been used up.

I was somewhat less than thrilled when I found that little gem.


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