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Leighton meester dating

She was literally the ONLY one who gave a f*** after season 3. It was very obvious that she was over GG about halfway through the show,” another fan wrote on Oh No They Didn’t! Leighton isn’t the only one fans should lash out at.Even one of the writers in an interview mentioned how she gives 100%, regardless of the material,” one fan wrote on Oh No They Didn’t! Ed, who played the brooding Chuck Bass, told Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY in December that fans shouldn’t get too excited about a reunion. “I think we enjoyed ourselves on what we did, but now everyone’s off doing their own thing. Leighton is moving on with her folk-singing career, while Blake Lively is currently expecting her first child with Ryan Reynolds.

Her second single "Your Love's a Drug" was released in 2011.

(And, let's be honest, their mutual obsession with , face masks, and junk food doesn't hurt!

) The relationship is tested though when Paige starts to settle down with Tim, a charming and thoughtful doctor, played by Brody. Let us know by sending us a tweet with the #ETnow hashtag!

and then you're like 'oh wait, I still don't.'" It’s this transition that their characters Sasha and Paige have to navigate in and despite their opposite personality traits, they are still each other's "go-to person" in the flick.

It's their loyalty, funny quirks, and love for one another's well-being that hold the on-screen friendship together.


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