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The show makes perfect viewing for anyone who enjoys watching a bit of slushy match-making, as well as for those who enjoy watching others in cringe-worthy moments, which there are plenty of!This unusual dating show can be found on the Sky living channel; however, if you find that you have missed the latest episode or have simply forgotten to record it, then fear not, as the show can also be viewed online.Even back when the fourth season aired, it seemed to me that current events had rendered it irrelevant, even obsolete.Frank and Claire seem to belong to another era of American politics (more on why here). Still, the show has the best opening sequence in television (and Robin Wright is worth watching no matter what she does).So here's a handy guide to some of the shows worth watching in 2017. Netflix's Machiavellian antihero drama about presidential politics returns for its fifth season.Frank and Claire Underwood's near-nuclear rift is on pause; they're in the White House plotting to wreak terror on everyone else.The exciting reality TV show ‘Dating in the Dark’ originally came to the UK in 2009, and for the first two series was hosted by Scott Mills.

Television audiences then get to witness the often dramatic results when the couples are then exposed to each other in broad daylight – a scene that often makes for interesting television viewing.This adaptation of Margaret Atwood's dark, dystopian novel stars Elisabeth Moss as Offred, one of the few remaining fertile women in a Christian fundamentalist dictatorship where women like her are forced into sexual servitude. The strong cast also includes Joseph Fiennes, Samira Wiley, Max Minghella, Alexis Bledel, and Ann Dowd.creator Bryan Fuller and a crazy cast that includes Ian Mc Shane, Gillian Anderson, Kristin Chenoweth, and Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon.In this unique reality show, three men and three women are picked to live in a house shrouded in total darkness and tasked with undergoing various dating activities.Cameras catch all the action using night-vision technology.Whatever age of television this is — gold, platinum, trusty tin — what's certain is that there's more TV to sort through than ever before.There's so much, it can be hard to know where to even start looking for something you'd like.Whilst watching the programme you will find yourself either cringing in embarrassment on the contestants’ behalf or willing on contestants who despite the odds, manage to find love in the darkness.This matchmaking show with a twist requires all of its contestants to use all of their senses to help them find their ideal partner, which makes this show the perfect form of entertainment for television audiences.As well as the incredible anxiety inducing finale of the show where contestants finally reveal if they want to continue dating someone after seeing them for the first time, audiences are also able to gain enjoyment from the various dating tasks that the contestants are provided with.These tasks – which can be viewed thanks to the aid of night vision cameras, enable viewers at home to watch the often humorous encounters between the contestants as they struggle to find who they believe could potentially be the best looking of the group.


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