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Mcafee clients not updating

I would like to have the agents check in around 3 times a day. The update cycle would be spread out during the morning, afternoon, and evening.

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Direct access uses IPV6 to connect to your Direct Access server, if you do not have a native IPV6 network then you will use 6to4 conversion when the direct access client connects into the network, once in the network it uses standard DNS.

Our hopes are that the epo server will at least be able to deploy hot fixes, and updates but I am not opptomistic. So if you're getting inconsistent behavior it may be because you don't have the root user enabled.

We recently released Mc Afee Agent for Mac 4.6 patch 1 and that has lots of improvements (including a command line interface).

Hey all, I have been helping out with a Mc Afee Epo server for over a year now...

I wanted to get some feed back on when you guys update your agents dat files (when and how often).


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