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When we are invalidated by having our feelings repudiated, we are attacked at the deepest level possible, since our feelings are the innermost expression of our individual identities. As a parent I want to teach my kids these things I’ve learned.

Telling a person she shouldn't feel the way she does feel is akin to telling water it shouldn't be wet, grass it shouldn't be green, or rocks they shouldn't be hard. Whether we like or understand someone's feelings, they are still real. So when they felt bad or angry I tried to help them find a way to make themselves feel better.

If it is valid then call reset Token and that value will be removed from the session.

If the user backs up and submit the page they will have the old token and when you call is Token Valid you will get false and be able to deal with it as you please.

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He fails to develop confidence in and healthy use of his emotional brain-- one of nature's most basic survival tools. She would have me read to her while she made dinner. I believe in being mindful of our feelings, and expressing them unless it would be harmful to someone else in which case, find a safe outlet – write, paint, maybe vent to a listening friend. i Tunes | Android | RSS | More Invalidation is one of those sometimes-silent destroyers of relationships.When you invalidate someone, you are basically letting them know that they are not worthy of your love and support.Emotional invalidation is when someone communicates to you that your emotions are not valid, are unreasonable or irrational, or should be hidden or concealed.For example, when a child is fearful, their parent might tell them, “Stop being such a baby, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” This is an emotionally invalidating response; it not only communicates to the child that their emotions are invalid but also that they are weak for having emotions.Many people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) have had experiences of emotional invalidation.In fact, some experts believe that emotional invalidation may be one factor that increases a child’s risk of developing BPD in adolescence or adulthood.It is as though these objects are still there and its the same session.-----Original Message-----From: Krueger, Jeff [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTEDSent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 PMTo: [EMAIL PROTECTED]Subject: RE: STRANGE: session.invalidate() is not invalidating the session You have to go through a action class before your welcome.jsp, but there is a thing called a transaction token.Is what this does is generates a unique number and puts it in a hidden field on you page if your using a struts form.He found that when one's feelings are denied a person can be made to feel crazy even they are perfectly mentally healthy. Further, emotion inhibition significantly predicted psychological distress, including depression and anxiety symptoms.) Invalidation goes beyond mere rejection by implying not only that our feelings are disapproved of, but that we are fundamentally abnormal. Sometimes it feels as though as a parent life is so overwhelming and there is too much for one person to do.This implies that there is something wrong with us because we aren't like everyone else; we are strange; we are different; we are weird. The more different from the mass norm a person is, for example, more intelligent or more sensitive, the more he is likely to be invalidated. During those times I have to focus on one thing at a time, ask for help if I can, try to do it well, and accept some things just won’t happen as ideally as I’d like.



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