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Outlook not updating calendar exchange

A big change is that when running in Cached Exchange Mode, Outlook 2013 will only cache 12 months’ worth of data from the Exchange server by default!

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I say “compressed” because apparently Outlook compresses several data fields/values in order to reduce the size of the OST file.To be clear, this means you must export your notes from Outlook and use them in the other software (we tell you how) and, thereafter, any changes you make to your notes in Outlook will not be reflected on your Android. We are very proud of the sync features we have managed to incorporate into this version.But the next time you open Microsoft Outlook, the reminder returns.I have personally experienced problems with perpetual Microsoft Outlook reminders several times over the past year. The specific nature of the problem is that a reminder for old appointments will pop up shortly after opening Microsoft Outlook.When you click Dismiss or Dismiss All, you receive the following message: Closing the reminder window silences the reminder.Sometimes the stubborn reminder would be displayed again upon restarting Microsoft Outlook.As I outlined though, there is a second workaround you can try.When I opened Outlook normally after the repair it seemed to temporarily fixed the problem, but after a subsequent reboot the issue is back again.I don't have either of the 2 KB updates installed on my machine, my machine is newer and only recently setup a few weeks ago.


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