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Once married—against the wishes of his family—the two learn that she has a terminal illness.

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Shawn would later testify that he possessed damning evidence that Shaq hired him to erase all threatening email messages from his computer that might have been used against him on Miller’s claims.And yet, on a recent afternoon in Malibu, it seemed barely a day had passed since the stars of director Arthur Hiller's 1970 tragic romance — Ryan O' Neal, 73 and Ali Mac Graw, 75 — had last shared the screen. But even though we were setting up this heart-wrenching story, we laughed for three months, as well. PHOTOS Movie Props From the Top 100 Films What do you remember about the weekend the film opened? The longtime friends reflected on the seeming impossibility of selling a terribly sad love story to the masses (especially one wherein it's revealed in the first minutes that the leading lady dies), the film's unique legacy in Hollywood and how O' Neal really felt about Mac Graw — famously once the spouse of Hollywood legends Robert Evans and Steve Mc Queen — while they were making the now-classic tearjerker. O' NEAL It's the best time I ever had on a movie. The drama surrounding Shaquille O’Neal, his former wife, several mistresses, lawsuits, and claims of computer and phone hacking has all the makings of a great Lifetime movie.Unfortunately, for Shaq, this is real-life drama that just won’t go away.See the full list here: Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films How did each of you get cast in ? RYAN O' NEAL She married the head of the studio! 's list of Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films, and reminisced about the magic they created on the set of the famed romantic drama.PHOTOS: Costars reunited "Making it was actually unbelievably fun the whole time," Mac Graw, now 75, told of the three-month shoot.Former NBA player Shaq has been embroiled in more than one lawsuit stemming from relationships he had while married, as well as from former employees who he supposedly paid to hack into emails and cell phone text messages.While a judge called BS on the lawsuit from former mistress Vanessa Lopez, Shaq carries a history of actions that paint him as an entitled child in a man’s body….a very large man’s body.


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