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Secretly dating my boss

Maybe you and your boss run into each other outside of work, or hang out together during your lunch break.If you're mutually attracted to one another, it's natural for something more to develop if you don't keep your emotions in check, but this is a tricky situation. If you're nodding to all of the above, they just might have feelings for you.

When I spotted the PA job advertised in November that year I applied as I missed my old company.

It's widely unacceptable for subordinates and their superiors to engage in a romantic relationship, but there are many cases where such a relationship is manageable and even acceptable, as long as it doesn't affect work quality or production.

Before you decide to make your relationship official, realize that many offices have a strict policy against workplace romance, believing that it can lead to unfair treatment, unhappy coworkers and a decrease in efficiency and production.

As with anything, you should never feel like you have to lie to be happy.

I would talk to “John” and let him know your concerns, because you can truly only go public if you both agree to do so.


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