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Her father was a Baptist pastor, and she told Out Smart magazine the family was "very sheltered—nothing secular was allowed in the house." She came out as a lesbian at 18 years old and described the experience in the Out Smart interview, which ended with her parents disowning her: I was 17 when I was first "caught." I was dating this girl—the first girl I had ever come out to.One day we were at her house and her aunt came home early.

The ones that are tried and true and I don't even have to think about. The vet is sure he will be fine, but it has been really stressful.

He then said, "It's come back again."' The 'it' was skin cancer and this was the second time that the man Stephanie's grown-up daughters, Phoebe, 36, and Chloe, 33, refer to as Dr Love had alerted the actress to the disease.

'I guess that's the benefit of having a doctor boyfriend,' says Stephanie, the seemingly ageless British-born star of American serial dramas Dynasty and The Colbys, and more recently ITV soap Coronation Street.

I have since perfected the recipe (at least in my mind) over the years.

I made these once for my sister and she said they tasted just like something you'd get at a restaurant.


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