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Updating opensuse 11

Try opening a command line terminal and type in:sudo tlmgr update --self --alland see what happens. It seems to be "well known" (see here) that opensuse does not ship tlmgr in its distribution because it seems to be "incompatible" with the Ya ST RPM package manager... The tricky thing would be getting Ya ST to allow you to install other apps that have Te Xlive as a dependency if you don't install through there. But this only seems to affect the packages which include the binaries.

I'm SURE that I do not have the tlmgr executable... The La Te X packages themselves are not updated according to their versions on CTAN.

New technologies such as NVDIMM, Omni PATH, Data Plane Development Kit with open VSwitch are back ported for the release.

I added both the SLE 11 and Open Su SE factory repositories via and search for firefox, I do not see version 8 but my current version. The initial release of the community project was a beta version of SUSE Linux 10.0. The community project offers a rolling release version called open SUSE Tumbleweed, which is continuously updated with tested, stable packages. The focus of its development is creating usable open-source tools for software developers and system administrators, while providing a user-friendly desktop, and feature-rich server environment.I'm running Open Su SE 11.2 and I would like to upgrade to the newest version of Firefox (v 8 I believe at the time of this question).I'm not interested in extracting a tarball, I would like to do it via RPM.I looked for it with locate and tlmgr in a superuser console gives : "bash: tlmgr: command not found"... I had assumed that you had installed Te Xlive 2009 directly -- didn't realize Te Xlive 2009 was available at all in (--it's still not in except as unstable; they are still distributing TL2007). I already thought about submitting a note to the maintainer of the distribution packages and ask him if it is at least possible to get a monthly update for those RPM packages which contain the architecture independent La Te X packages.At the moment I evade this situation by creating a TDS compliant tree in my home directory where I put additional or updated packages.The compiler is going to search packages first in this location.I did so for example with the biblatex package since it is not part of the Te X Live distribution.SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for VMware SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 for SAP Applications SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 This document is quite long and detailed, but don't be afraid.In fact the update procedure is very simple, straight-forward and (in most cases) self-explaining.


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