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But the fire ended up damaging much of the house, leaving it a total loss, according to Fox 13.From our perspective, it appears as if the police did things right in this case, but some commenters in the Fox 13 article are accusing the officers of not doing enough to stop the fire before it continued to spread.Prosecutors on Thursday filed theft and gun charges against the 15-year-old student who is accused of taking two guns from his parents’ safe and bringing them to school Dec.1, along with two boxes of ammunition hidden under a long coat.Police have said that Mohamed and a second person were beating a man with some type of metal sticks when officers intervened Saturday.Officers fired after he moved menacingly toward the man who was beaten instead of immediately obeying a command to drop the stick, police said.

Late Thursday afternoon, the Bountiful Police Department released the body camera footage from the first officer arriving at the school.The officer tasered the man as another officer kicked the machete away while the curtain fire grew stronger.The West Jordan police officers called the fire department, then dragged the man out of the house, leaving the fire to continue spreading.The woman is seen apparently placing a shotgun and a handgun on the ground.WASATCH COUNTY, Utah - The Utah Department of Transportation has more than 1,100 traffic cameras across the state. But dragging the man out of the house was a priority.Police were responding to a domestic violence call Thursday when they encounter 36-year-old Brandon Morgan, who was wielding a machete and starting the fire.In his post-arrest interview, Volk allegedly admitted to "sexually explicit exchanges with additional juveniles via Instagram."He is being held on a 0,000 cash bond on a charge of sexual exploitation of a minor.Dramatic body cam video emerged from Utah showing police entering a home and finding a shirtless man armed with a machete who was lighting a curtain on fire.They found sexually explicit conversations and seven videos displaying sexual acts each of them was doing while in communication with each other.The victim said"she was in an online only sexual relationship." Gilbert police were able to trace the origin of the communications to Volk's home in Gilbert.


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