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Your podcast feed may work fine in i Tunes, but nowadays there are many other sites and apps trying to read your feed.Just like your site needs to be browser compatible your podcast feed must be compatible with anyone who wants to read your feed.You may need to do some things your editor can't do, for example, or you might just want to set up a template for your RSS feed and periodically edit the items yourself.Working with RSS directly gives you all the power this rich set of languages has to offer.Feed For All RSS feed creation tool for webmasters and content providers! Audio Recording Software Record and edit audio files with software.I'm working on an application that allows users to add their own RSS feeds to a simple reader of sorts. RSS Software History of RSS XML Basics RSS Articles RSS Uses Create RSS Feed Submit RSS Feeds Display RSS Feed Validators RSS Graphics RSS FAQ RSS Directory RSS Forums RSS Feeds Syndicate Content Subscribe to Feeds Aggregator How To RSS Sites RSS Blog RSS Wiki's Top 10 RSS RSS Subscriptions RSS Feed Validators determine if your feed is valid.

For example, the URLs you enter in an RSS document should be a full URL starting with as not and your RSS editor might not tell you that.Currently, I'm using xml_domit_rss as the parser but I'm unsure if it's actually validating the URL before parsing.From what I can gather online, it looks as if validating is separate from the parse, either by using a service ( or some other method (parse_url()).Redland RSS 1.0 Validator - Enter the address of an RSS 1.0 feed into the following form and it will be validated and formatted for display.RSS 1.0 Validator - This prototype is based around a Schematron schema for validating RSS 1.0 by Leigh Dodds. rss2html RSS to html script to display RSS on a website.Unfortunately the XML parser used by this code seems to be unfortunately dead and I can't find any detail how strict or lax it is in its parsing...Apple recently changed the way you submit your podcast to i Tunes.Anyone have some insight into either how XML_domit_rss validates, or a method by which I can validate before sending the URL to the parser? Validating in the context of XML files (and hence RSS/Atom feeds which use XML to encode the values) means to use a document schema which describes the expected structure of the XML file (which elements can have what child elements, what attributes can be present, etc).Now some XML parsers require a schema and bork (this is a technical term :-) - refuse to parse) on XML files not conforming to the schema.If your RSS isn't valid, the RSS reader might have problems reading your feed or working with it.To check an RSS feed's validity, you can use an RSS validator, such as the one at


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