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Employers across Tennessee list soft skills, as well as technical skills, as being important in securing entry-level employment.

Local employers rank professionalism/integrity, reliability, communication, and teamwork as key skills needed.

One of the most misunderstood statistical figures is life expectancy.

We hear the phrase bandied about as a marker of how long we can expect to live.

The OPT allows the student to obtain firsthand experience answering questions written and developed by the test’s creators.

The results of the OPT indicate whether or not an individual is prepared for the Hi SET®.

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A new job or promotion can be yours by earning your High School Equivalency Diploma.

Students can get a high school diploma by taking either the High School Equivalency Test (Hi SET®).

In comparison, a baby born in the mid-19 century had a life expectancy in the fifties.

The most naïve mistake a person can make is to assume that ‘life expectancy’ is the age at which you die, but this is incorrect.


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