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Who is elvis presley dating

Latest Audio (and video) updates Elvis had been drawn to Locke's church, First Assembly of God, because of his love of gospel music and the Blackwood Brothers quartet, which sang at the church.

Elvis and Dixie will see each other virtually everyday throughout the summer, going to the movies two or three times a week.

'I thought he was the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen.

He was a very shy person, but when he started singing he put so much into putting the music across that he kind of lost himself. The following Saturday, Elvis went to the Rainbow Rollerdome, where he 'bumped' into Dixie, speaking to her for the first time. On February 16, Barely two weeks after their first meeting Elvis brought Dixie home to meet his parents.

So, Gladys quit seeing me and we quit seeing the Smith girls for awhile.

The Welsh singer is reportedly dating Elvis Presley's ex-wife, Priscilla, nearly a year after the passing of his wife, Melinda Trenchard, The Sun reports. There is a spark between them but they are taking it slowly.


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