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Who is kat stacks dating

Then you’re reading it wrong, you Fawked the number up.You should know a hotel or a venue where you and this person was at.If you dated somebody for two months, you should know specifics.

In an interview with Vlad TV.com, Nelly states that Kat Stacks gained fame from lies based off of vague or incomplete information.The self-proclaimed hip-hop groupie, who's allegedly had sexual relationships with a number of rap artists, released a video yesterday (Aug.24) in which she accuses the "Pretty Boy Swag" rapper of having a coke habit and states the two have a "secret" relationship. This n***a's been (bleep) doing dope all (bleep) day," a barely-robed Kat Stacks says while filming herself through a bathroom mirror, before walking over to the dining room and exposing what looks like a couple of lines of coke.And last night, it appears that they went PUBLIC with their relationship.We’re gonna have to STOP hating on Kat Stacks – cause she keeps winning. He released his first single titled “Bad Tings.” The club banger features DB Bantino and finds the rappers talking about getting into some fun with some hotties.And it was Q who made sure that all of her bills were paid and her family was well taken care of.Q converted into a multimillion dollar enterprise after spending 8 months sleeping in his car.Innocence and tenderness were snatched away from her runaway soul, by a ruthless pimp, which whom she was “dating.” Soon, a living nightmare consumed her reality.she details how women in similar situations reach out to her for help. Widely known for her illicit social media shenanigans, this mother breaks down how she plans to explain her past to her son.Do you think Kaat followed his request to take it down? December 7, 2016: Sy what you will about INDUSTRY THOT Kat Stacks – but rappers keep choosing her.


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