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Xbox error e71 when updating Greek sex text chat

Copyright Information: Lately it has come to our attention that more and more people stole content from this Error code Database without giving credit, some also restricted access to this information and demanded a payment, we would like to point out that it is perfectly fine to republish content from XE on other sites, however we demand a link back to this error code database and the information must be freely and non commercially available, we appeal to those who feel addressed, add a link and respect the work of others, thank you...

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Posted By Alex Rubens on May 29, 2011 [UPDATE] I was contacted by Stephen Toulouse (@stepto), Xbox Live Director of Policy and Enforcement, who said “@alexrubens you were given incorrect information. Also, an Xbox 360 owner that has admitted to modding his console claims that he has not been banned. [UPDATE 5] According to users in this thread on Game Trailers.com, the picture is photoshopped and the “Xbox 360, Comp, 480i” box in the corner of the screen means that my console is modified.

[Update 3] Below is a video of Alex trying to update his console and subsequently being hit with the E66 error [Update 4] Several people that have unmodded consoles have contacted Side Questing reporting the same problem as Alex.

This is due to the TV trying to find the input when the console went into error mode.If the console freezes occasionally, the error will not necessarily follow.The technical problems seem to affect some generations of consoles more than others, e.g. Those problems may also cause some freezing screens.Certain patterns will lead to numbered error codes which will provide further insight to the problem.The numbered error codes are described below their corresponding LED code.=============================Alternatively Overheating can be cause by the console locking up or "freezing" after a set amount of time.Xbox 360 Hardware FAQ by Travis Combs ([email protected]) Version 1.6 Last updated: 06/06/10 Copyright 2009-2010 Travis Combs. You are entitled to saving a copy on your personal hard drive for your own use. Each new revision of the chipset is designed to make the system more reliable and last longer than the previous. You can not sell this, put this on your website without my explicit permission, or violate any other rights granted to me by copyright law. Either way, these chipset revisions are quite important. Warranty and Microsoft Repair Operating System/Xbox Live 7. Any newly manufactured 360 (not refurbished) from the past 2 years will include an HDMI port. It's also important to mention that all 360s have the ability to do the same things other 360s can do. 4) - Clock speed is 500MHz - 10MB e DRAM by NEC - 4x FSAA, Z-buffering, and alpha blending with no interference to CPU - 512MB GDDR3 RAM - Clocked at 700MHz - Shared by CPU and GPU - 12X Dual-layer DVD-ROM drive - Maximum read rate of 15.85 MB/s - Made by (old to new) Samsung/Toshiba, Hitachi/LG, Ben Q/Philips, or Lite-On - Games: region-free (publishers can choose to lock specific games, though) - Movies: region-locks enforced - Security design allows for ~7GB of usable space per disc for game content - 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Surround Sound - All games required to support at least the 5.1 Dolby standard - Console uses over 256 audio channels - 320 independent decompression channels using 32-bit processing for audio - Sound files for games are in Microsoft's XMA audio format - 10/100Base-T Ethernet port - No model comes with internal Wi-Fi, but a separate accessory is available - 3 USB 2.0 ports (1 in back, 2 in front) - Xbox 360 supports up to 3 USB controllers out of the box, 4 with a USB hub - A max of 4 controllers (wired and wireless) are supported - HDMI 1.2 output - Only on Zephyr, Falcon, and Jasper motherboards. Note: see section 4 for more details on chipsets and power bricks.There are also other issues that arise with the console, such as discs becoming scratched in the drive and "bricking" of consoles due to dashboard updates.Since its release on November 22, 2005, many articles have appeared in the media portraying the Xbox 360's failure rates, This error was soon nicknamed the "Red Ring of Death", echoing Windows' Blue Screen of Death error.


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